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    Key Benefits
    - Show Real-time KPI's at work centers
    - View key data from mobile devices
    - Control who sees which data
    - One of the most cost effective Solutions


With Avista scoreboards, managers and operators can not only see information on mounted displays but have access to the same data from any PC, tablet or smartphone, bridging the gap between workers in the office, on the floor and those working away from the plant. Managers can know the state of the business before they ever set foot in the office. Owners and operators can see problems or slowdowns occurring and can communicate with key employees to correct problems quickly, even from outside the state or country. By providing easy access to the real-time information you need — wherever you need it — Avista scoreboards assist you in preventing costly mistakes that would otherwise create hours of downtime.

Large screens showing real-time KPI's at work centers help each employee understand the importance of their individual role, while also providing an overview of what is important for that day and the overall success of the business. This access to your real-time information also serves to educate employees about where the challenges are in their workflow, which in turn helps motivate them to refine their process. This creates an atmosphere of continuous engagement and improvement, increasing employee confidence and proficiency.

To see a list of Scoreboards and mobile offerings please visit our Scoreboard demo site at www.avistascoreboards.com.

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Corrugator Overview

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Corrugation Specifics

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Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Limitations of Current Industry Solutions

In 2016 Avista set out to redefine what informational scoreboards in the corrugated industry looked like. By collecting information from a wide variety of customers they found the following key criteria were missing from everything that was currently available.

  • The screens used were expensive, very limited in capability and hard to install and maintain.
  • They were limited to 3 or 4 Key Performance Indicators.
  • They were limited to displaying the information at one location and a sizable investment was required to show them in other locations.
  • You had to go to where the display was to see the information.
  • Each scoreboard was limited to one set of data.
  • There was no security for the data displayed.

Scoreboards Solution

Based on this information Avista set out to revolutionize the scoreboards available to the corrugated industry. The result is the Avista Scoreboards which provide:

Key Benefits of Avista Scoreboards

  • Key Performance Indicators are displayed in a highly graphical method.
  • The user can define the data they want to see at each location a scoreboard is installed.
  • The information is available on multiple screens without a large investment.
  • The information can be seen on any computer within the facility, on smart phones and tablets anywhere in the world.
  • Emails and alerts can be created and sent to managers or key personel.
  • The functionality works without requiring any updating of networks or servers.
  • Strong security is available so that financial information can be displayed to those who are approved for it while others see only non-financial statistics.
  • Cost effective by quicking producing owners return on investment.


Avista Scoreboards provide the tracking and communication necessary to keep up with the demands of today’s fast pasted box plants. Avista Scoreboards provide not only great flexability in their ability to be customized to your specific needs but they do so as one of the most cost effective solutions of its kind.

Still have questions? Need more information? We should talk.

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Mark Gartrell, CEO

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