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    Roll Inventory Management
    Key Benefits
    - Real Time and Exactly Accurate information
    - Measures and records lineal consumed from each roll
    - Quality Control Checks for incoming roll stock
    - Captures and categorizes waste

Roll Inventory Management

The Avista Roll Stock Inventory Management System (RIMS)&Reg; is designed to provide an accurate roll stock inventory database maintained on a real-time basis, track movement of individual rolls through the manufacturing process and properly categorize the inventory as to availability. In addition, the System gathers and stores data about roll stock runnability for use in evaluating alternative approaches to increasing good production, decreasing waste and improving product quality. RIMS allows Operators to obtain roll paper characteristics (moisture, porosity, STIFI, ring crush, etc.) by simply scanning the Roll ID Number. It includes the ability to report and categorize waste at various steps through the process and provides accurate accounting of paper usage within the Plant down to the individual roll level. All events are time stamped to facilitate subsequent review and to match Wet End consumption to Dry End production for ISO traceability.

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Easy and Accurate Receiving

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Automates Corrugator Servicing

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Automatically Determines Consumption

Key Benefits of Roll Inventory Management

  • Making Real Time and Exactly Accurate information available to everyone at all times saves you money every day.
  • Accurately measures and records lineal consumed from each roll as it is run on the corrugator and provides an extremely accurate calculated amount of remaining lineal footage. This makes RIMS much more than a simple inventory control system.
  • Provides Quality Control Checks for incoming roll stock (grade, roll diameter, roll width, caliper, etc). Supplier quality and conformance reporting for your most important material.
  • Captures and categorizes waste at various steps through the process and provides highly accurate accounting of paper costs within the plant.
  • Provides the data you need regarding paper runnability which is the basis for reliable processes to increase speed, productivity and product quality while eliminating costly waste.
  • Eliminates effort on the part of everyone by using the newest technologies to insure accurate, timely data collection without requiring extra effort.
  • The only Roll Inventory Management System which accurate tracks consumption and inventory using the automated sensors at each roll stand.

Front Office

The Front Office portion of RIMS provides office personnel with access to the exact status of the plants roll stock inventory. Operators can use the application to create, modify, view and print Bills of Ladings; print load tags; view individual roll history; produce reports to analyze and track inventory; and search the entire roll stock inventory on a real-time basis.

Clamp Truck

The RIMS Clamp Truck application allows operators to receive incoming inventory and stage the rolls at the appropriate location. A Wet End schedule provides operators with the accurate real-time information needed to stage roll inventory at the corrugator. Operators can also print “in house” labels to identify rolls with pertinent information and view details of the manifest including all roll information associated with the manifest and the status of each roll.

Roll Stand Manager

The Roll Stand Manager provides the ability to accurately measure and record the lineal footage of each roll as it is run on the corrugator. The application measures the actual lineal removed as the roll is run, determines the paper remaining on the roll and monitors when the splice occurs – all on a real-time basis. If full consumption criteria are not met during a splice signal, a butt roll tag is printed with remaining lineal values.

Roll Inventory ManagementEasy and Accurate Receiving


Using RIMS, a Plant can ensure the accuracy of their roll stock inventory; improve operating efficiencies in the areas of roll stock receiving, storage, removal, consumption and inventory control and maximize roll stock utilization through improved waste reporting, consumption measurement and inventory tracking. RIMS will, at all times, maintain an accurate real-time database of your plant’s current roll stock inventory.

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