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    Converting Tag Manager
    Key Benefits
    - Print Work-in-Process and Finished Goods load tags at machine centers
    - Accommodates an unlimited number of load tag formats
    - Eliminates need to prepare, handle and control batches of tags
    - Allows finished units to be restacked and load tags corrected

Converting Tag Manager

The Avista Converting Tag Manager provides your plant with the real-time ability to print both work-in-process and finished good load tags at machine centers. The system works in combination with the Machine Monitoring Application. The main screen displays a list of the jobs currently in the order queue as well as detailed information for each job.

The Converting Tag Manager responds to an “action” taken by the operator that notifies the application to print the proper load tag. The exact “action” is based on the machine center and corresponds to the discharge of the unit from the machine. Using this method, the Converting Tag Manager prints the “next” tag that will be used by the operator. In effect, the printer will always have the “next” tag waiting in the printer.

For the last tag of the order, or when the order only has a single unit, the operator edits the “last” tag and then reprints the tag to reconcile the actual quantity in the unit. If the count is accurate no action is required from the user.

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Create Tags at each Converting Operation

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Review the History of each Load

Key Benefits of Converting Tag Manager

  • Provides the ability to print Work-in-Process and Finished Goods load tags at machine centers.
  • Accommodates an unlimited number of load tag formats to meet Plant and Customer requirements. Information can be presented in any combination of alphanumeric, embedded graphics and Code 39 (3 of 9), Code 128 or I 2 of 5 bar code formats.
  • Eliminates need to prepare, handle and control batches of tags. Minimizes possibility that a unit will be marked with incorrect tag.
  • Allows finished units to be restacked and load tags corrected. Includes capability to produce duplicate tags if one is missing.
  • Provides a control record for downstream operations, including shipping.
  • Formatted load tags improve the appearance of outgoing loads and enhances the Plant’s reputation for quality and service.

Order Queue

The Converting Tag Manager main screen displays information on the jobs currently in the machine queue. Information displayed includes:

  • Machine / Routing Number
  • Job Id / Customer Name
  • Tags per Unit
  • Number of Tags
  • Quantity/Tag
  • Production Status

Order Information

The system displays detailed order information for each job. Information shown includes:

  • Job ID
  • Customer Name
  • Order Number
  • Order Part Number
  • Quantity Ordered
  • Estimated Unit Count
  • Tags Per Unit
  • Tag Type
  • Starting Tag Number
Order history is also available allowing you to review old order information and reprint tags.

Edit Units

Using the system, Operators may edit tags that were produced. Using the Edit Units Screen, an operator can add new units to the order, delete units from the database, join multiple units into one unit, split units, change the unit count and print tags.

Show Work Centers

A work center view is available that displays each machine number and the corresponding description of the machine.

Stand Alone Application

As a stand-alone application, Converting Tag Manager can be used without the Machine Monitoring – Plant Floor Application. This allows for multiple workstations running the Converting Tag Manager application to print to a shared printer or allows multiple work centers to share a single workstation computer. In this configuration, the user will have the ability to select the work center and order that is being worked on to print the proper tags.

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