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    We offer an integrated suite of business applications that manage everything from sales opportunities to the loading dock.
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    - Show Real-time KPI's at work centers
    - View key data from mobile devices
    - Control who sees which data
    - One of the most cost effective Solutions
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    Amtech Automation
    Helping you to make better decisions, Faster!
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Avista Solutions is now Amtech Automation

Amtech, the North American leader in software for the packaging industry, announced recently that it completed the acquisition of Avista Solutions International of Minneapolis MN. Leveraging Avista’s world class solutions for scheduling, logistics and process improvement. This collaboration will foster the creation of an All in One Smart Factory. Both Amtech and Avista customers will benefit from the seamless integration of both systems.

Since its establishment in 1981, Amtech has been at the forefront of the industry, while providing technically advanced products that give customers detailed, real-time access to critical data on the plant floor. We offer an integrated suite of business applications that manage everything from sales opportunities to the loading dock.

Amtech Automation products offer you and your customers better value propositions by integrating instrumentation that does not exist in competing products that offer only partial automation of data acquisition and information flow. The most telling differentiator in business today is how close a company can come to operating in “real time”—a state that is characterized by the “shortest possible lapse between idea and action, or initiation and result.”

Avista’s innovative software, hardware and wireless products for manufacturers of both corrugated and paperboard packaging provide:

  • Intuitive, web-based business applications
  • Flexible software modules that conform to your business
  • Dynamic solutions that turn information into action
  • Expert advice, installation, training and support production and meet established delivery requirements.
  • A complete, accurate, up-to-the-second view of all operations
  • The right product delivered to the right location at the right time
Plant Floor

Our Core Products

Our products are designed to simplify the process of making better decisions faster by incorporating the highest level of technology that is proven and accepted in the computer and software industries so that you can see your business more clearly in realtime. Below is a brief overview of several core elements of our modular, end-to-end product suite:

Axiom Order Management

AXIOM is a Core Business System that integrates estimating, order entry and invoicing with all of our other production management applications with specific versions for sheet, sheet feeder and full box plants.

eCustomer Link

eCustomer Link is a powerful web-based application that electronically connects your customers to your plant via the Internet.

Shipping Manager

The Avista Shipping Manager® provides the tools necessary to streamline your shipping process, and also maintain accurate real-time finished goods and work-in-process inventories.

Solutions - Trim Scheduling

Avista’s advanced, computerized corrugator trimming system automatically delivers an intelligent ranking of multiple solutions that allows schedulers to adapt more quickly to changes in the plant’s needs.

Setup Manager

This innovative application provides configurable plant-wide views of your corrugator operation and synchronizes both order and production data flow to and from individual machine centers.

Roll Inventory Management

This automated application anticipates the arrival of roll stock through an EDI interface. Paper becomes available for consumption as soon as it is unloaded, and rolls are continuously tracked until completely consumed, eliminating the need for repeated physical roll counts.

Planning Board

This intuitive application generates a true pull view of converting plant workflow using a Gantt Chart format that provides an adaptive real-time, graphical display of the entire manufacturing process.

Machine Monitoring

Avista genuinely automates both information-gathering and processing in real-time for immediate, high-level review, providing the data needed to make decisions at a very detailed level.

Scrap Trakker

Avista Scrap Trakker™ is a turn-key system that includes hardware, software, consulting and training, all designed to help facilities take better control of waste while significantly reducing the costs associated with waste data collection and reporting.

Avista’s suite of integrated modules manages everything from sales leads to the loading dock

Avista’s innovative solutions, helping you make better decision faster!

Why choose us

Business Savings

Now, cost reduction is the reason companies give frequently for investing in information systems, but such efficiency initiatives are merely a first step. The second step is to use these tools to improve your company’s effectiveness—the appropriateness of its goals and the degree to which they are achieved. And beyond the bottom -line focus of efficiency and effectiveness lies transformation—reinventing the way that business is done. Your competitors are deploying the same information systems with capabilities identical to your own. In the near future, real competitive advantage is going to require translating these capabilities into new ways of satisfying your current and potential customers faster than your competition.

We hope to convince you—based on the strength of our advanced technology, functionality and technical support—that there is a role Avista Solutions International can play in helping you reap the full productivity benefits of your investment in information technology. We believe that our products will help you retool your core business system to create a higher-productivity total solution that enables you to offer something radically better to your customers.


Do you have real-time access to critical data on your plant floor? If the information you see is already 15 minutes old or worse, how can you possibly maximize efficiency and customer service?

With Avista Solutions International, you always see complete, accurate, up-to the-second information. Our integrated suite of intuitive, web-enabled business applications manage everything from sales opportunities to the loading dock. And our flexible software conforms to your business, so you can deliver the right product to the right location at the right time – without having to change the way you work.

Avista's real-time environment, helping you make better decisions faster!


One of the most important values to look for in your software supplier is integrity.

Successful utilization of modern state of the art business systems can only be achieved when the suppliers of the system and your company form a dependable partnership. Trust and integrity are required for this partnership to be fruitful.

For almost 30 years Avista has proven that it has both the desire and the integrity it takes to make every customer successful. Avista will be there for your business every step of the way insuring you are successful.

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